There are many differences between commercial and residential real estate sales and at Leola Commercial, commercial real estate is our specialty. Jesus Henao, from Leola Commercial Inc. is on air at KHTS FM 98.1 and AM 1220 on Monday afternoons from 12-1 talking about Commercial Real Estate.

Host: Jesus Henao

Topic: Residential real estate versus commercial real estate, marketing and sales, and real estate license

Guest: Carolina Henoa, Charc Design

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Residential and commercial real estate actually require the same license. If you take courses and obtain a salesperson’s license, you can sell Commercial Real Estate and you can sell Residential Real Estate, but the business itself is very different.

The license itself takes a few classes at a community college, a $60 exam, and a $245 application fee to submit your license to the California Bureau of Real Estate. Next is a live scan and background check, and then you are ready to work.

A residential Real Estate agent can begin selling houses through a company immediately, but when you are first hired into a Commercial Real Estate company, you will train under a senior agent for about a year.

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A new agent will learn the process by going to properties with the senior agent, and helping put together all of the items needed for selling Commercial Real Estate. Most companies will also then send you out for a month long course on selling Commercial Real Estate.

After that, it could still take eight months to a year to make any money. It’s takes a lot of time, dedication and work, but there is a lot of money to be made in this business.

Henao has personally trained 40 commercial real estate agents under him and one in particular made a quarter of a million dollars in his first year.

It does take time to fully understand the complexities of commercial real estate, but with that being said, it is not unusual to make between 60-100 thousand dollars your first year in the business.

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