Host: Jesus Henao

Topic: Proper Capital Investment

Guest: Kelvin Davis, SBA Loan Specialist

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On this episode of The Commercial Real Estate Hour on KHTS, I discuss a series of topics including SBA financing and why many business owners should be taking advantage of this opportunity.

I invited Kelvin Davis from SeaCoast Capital to call in and tell us about SBA financing and explain the advantages of this type of loan. I asked him to clarify for listeners the difference between SBA financing and regular financing.

“There is a big difference between conventional financing and small business financing,” said Kelvin. “The federal government incentives small businesses to invest in their businesses. One of the important components of that is obtaining financing.”

The SBA, or Small Business Administration was created to help small business owners get information about financing.

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This happens because the Federal Government offsets some of the small business owners risk. The Federal Government says in the event of a loss, they will take 25% of that loan.

When the opportunity to buy the space that a business owner has been renting comes up, it gets complicated because the business owner doesn’t want to lose their lease and space where their business is.

“We have to abide by all of the SBA rules and regulations, but we want to make sure that we make as many loans as we can to make sure we can offer as many small business owners the opportunity to own commercial real estate,” said Kelvin.

To learn more listen to the interview and to learn more about the real estate market and resources to help you buy or sell, call me today.

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