We have launched the Commercial Real Estate Hour with host Jesus Henao. The show will be geared towards commercial real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas.

Host: Jesus H. Henao

Topic: Debut Episode

Guest: Jason Tolleson, Serrano Development group

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Whether you’ve been wondering about the new building going up, land being cleared for development, or a redevelopment of an old building, the Commercial Real Estate Hour will have your questions covered.

Jesus has specialized in commercial real estate and investments for the past 22 years. Mr. Henao is an expert advisor in multi-family, triple net lease, shopping centers, business, gasoline stations, and office buildings. Owner of Leola Commercial, Inc., Mr. Henao can help guide your next commercial investment property.
After being in the military service for a number of years, Jesus jumped into the real estate industry.

Guests on the Commercial Real Estate Show will include local developers. Today’s show includes Jason Tolleson from Serrano Development Group. Jesus mentions mixed-use projects, which include multi-level buildings that have retail on the bottom floor, with homes on the rising floors. Industrial buildings are also being built here in Santa Clarita, which means more jobs for residents in the area.

Jesus came into the Santa Clarita Valley after the 2007-2008 market crash. “The market crash, we let everyone go, and closed the operation. I moved to Santa Clarita, rented an apartment, and started over like any other professional. I resurrected my career, working for a company, but eventually went out on my own again,” Jesus said.

Additionally, Jesus discussed new homes coming into the Santa Clarita Valley. 1,000 homes are being built on Highway 126, as well as 102 new homes being built on Pico next to Southern Oaks. Escrow was just closed on those properties earlier this month.

Jason Tolleson, from Serrano Development Group, helped bring some life into the Old Town Newhall area. The first phase of development was completed by the City of Santa Clarita. Currently, Newhall Crossings, the next phase of development, which includes 20,000 square feet of retail with 47 apartment units above. Additionally, Lamelle Theater, a 7 screen movie theater will be built simultaneously. Mr. Tolleson explained the relationship with the City of Santa Clarita and building the parking structure, “the city built parking for all retailers, people, and the district. Underground parking is available for residential residents. The subterranean is strictly for the residents,” said Mr. Tolleson. Tolleson explained that Electric Vehicle charge stages are still in talks for implementation.

Tolleson also described the apartments going up at Newhall Crossings. The apartment mix above will be mainly 1-2 and some 3 bedroom apartments, which will be a little bit bigger than market by design. The intention is to subdivide, which means “individual units could be sold off if we go that path…however, the plan is to rent and hold but are developed to a condo specification. The finish will be a little bit better than what you see for rent in the marketplace.” The apartments will be delivered sometime in the fall of 2019. The goal is to have a central town square where people can gather and hang out. Social media and websites are available for Newhall Crossings.