Andre J. Henao

Investment Associate



Woodbury School of Business Latino Leadership Scholarship

UVU Business Discretionary Award Scholarship

Western Undergraduate Scholarship

Todd R Pedersen Scholarship

In his first year in the business, Andre Henao has sold 5.1 million dollars in Real Estate.

Andre, of Colombian and Mexican descent, was raised in Los Angeles, CA by a loving father, mother, and stepmother. Andre graduated from West Ranch High School where he had participated in many high school sports including: Football and Track. Andre’s life has revolved around a strong belief in a supreme being and he belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Days. Within the church, he had served a successful two year mission in Trujillo, Peru.

Andre currently works in various extracurricular activities at Utah Valley University. He is a member of the UVU Business Negotiating Team, Enact us Congo Project, and is the Department Representative for the Accounting department in the UVUSA. Andre also coaches football at American Fork High School. Andre is majoring in Finance and Accounting. He is currently is a Commercial Real Estate agent in California working towards starting his own business soon. Andre’s long-term goals are to start a family, become a prestigious real estate developer in the United States and to win a College Football National Championship.  Andre loves to spend his free time traveling to Colombia, hanging out with friends, and reading business/self-development books. He also enjoys watching USC football on the weekends and likes playing basketball and football.